Monday, May 21, 2012

Thuppaki Latest Info

The latest update on upcoming movie of Vijay's THUPPAKI is that the third schedule has been already completed in Mumbai and the team is back in Chennai, canning some important shots in locales of Chennai.

The team would then take a break and would be moving to some beautiful and exotic foreign locations like Malaysia, Bangkok, and lots more to shoot 3 songs. The Mumbai schedule which got over, had some important action scenes that were shot and Murugadoss has ensured that the movie would have some highlighting and breathtaking fight scenes, which have been never shot in recent movies and earlier Vijay movies too. Almost all shot have been taken in real time using hidden cameras too.

There are just 3 more songs yet to be shot, and Vijay along with lead heroine Kajal would be shaking their legs for those tunes in their next schedule at some beautiful foreign locations. Santosh Sivan, the cinematographer is also excited the way, the movie has turned out to be and has ensured that it would be the most stylish movie ever in Vijay's career.

After this movie, Vijay would starting working with Gautam for YOHAN - ADHYAYAM ONDRU, which would Bourne series style and would have some sequels coming up in future. The musical score would be taken care by Oscar Winner AR Rahman and this combination has already created lots of waves and expectations as it would be completed shot in US.

After Yohan, Vijay would be teaming up with A.L.Vijay for a action movie, and G.V.Prakash would be scoring music for the same.

 Thuppaki, is almost nearing completion with just 3 songs remaining to be shot. If things goes right, then the audio is expected to be released in June end or first week of July and the movie is planned to be released in August.

 Keep watching the space for more updates on Thuppaki.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

துப்பாக்கி ...

* துப்பாக்கி’ படத்தை முதலில் தயாரிக்க இருந்த நிறுவனம் ஜெமினிதானாம். ஆனால், கலைப்புலி தாணு,விஜயின் தந்தை எஸ்.ஏ.சி.யிடம் ‘சக்கரக்கட்டி’,
‘கந்தசாமி’... என்று தாம் தயாரித்த படங்களால் அதிகமான நஷ்டம். விஜய் கால்ஷீட் கிடைத்தால்
மீண்டு வந்துவிடுவேன் என்று கேட்டுக் கொண்டதால் படம் கைமாறி உள்ளதாம்.

* இயக்குனர் ஏ.ஆர். முருகதாஸின் சம்பளமாக, தயாரிப்பாளர் தாணு பன்னிரண்டு கோடி கொடுத்துள...்ளார்.

* தென் தமிழகத்தின் அருவி சம்பந்தப்பட்ட ஓர் ஊரில் ஃப்ளாஷ்பேக் கதையும் மும்பையில் முழுகதையும் முடிகிறதாம். ‘பாட்ஷா’ பட ஸ்டைலில் ஃப்ளாஷ்பேக்
விறுவிறு சுறுசுறுன்னு இருக்குமாம்.

* ‘நண்பன்’ படத்தின் மூலம் விஜயின் பிரிக்க முடியாத நண்பனாகிவிட்ட சத்யனுக்கு, துப்பாக்கியில் நல்ல வாய்ப்பாம். துப்பாக்கிக்குத் தோட்டா எவ்வளவு முக்கியமோ அவ்வளவு முக்கியமாம் சத்யனின் காமெடி. கதையோடு இணைந்த காமெடியாம்.

* பாடல் காட்சிக்காக விஜய்யும் காஜலும்
பிரேசில் செல்ல இருக்கிறார்கள். அங்கு இரண்டு பாடல்கள் படமாக்கப்பட உள்ளன. ஹாரிஸ் இசையில் விஜய் ஒரு பாடலைப் பாடியுள்ளார்.

* ‘போக்கிரி’ அசின் போல், ‘வேலாயுதம்’ ஹன்சிகா போல், ‘துப்பாக்கி’யில் காஜல் மாடலிங் மற்றும் கல்லூரிப் பெண்ணாக வருகிறார். காஜல் அகர்வால்
காமெடியிலும் கூட்டுக் குடும்பத்திலும் பிறந்த பெண்ணாகவும் மிரள வைக்கப் போகிறார்.

* கலைப்புலி தாணு தான், ரஜினிக்கு சூப்பர் ஸ்டார் என்ற பட்டம் சூட்டியவர். அதுபோல துப்பாக்கி விளம்பரம் மூலம் விஜய்க்கு புதிய பட்டம் தர யோசித்து வருகிறாராம்.

* ‘நண்பன்’ படத்தை 10 கோடி கொடுத்து வாங்கிய விஜய் டி.வி. இப்படத்தையும் வாங்க போட்டி போட, சன் டி.வி.யும் களத்தில் குதிக்க, வேந்தரும் களத்திலும்
குதிக்க, ஜி. தமிழும் 10 கோடிவரை கொடுக்கத் தயாராக உள்ளனர்.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Murugadoss's Latest Talk About Thuppaki

Thuppaki will be of its orginal kind, it will be another milestone in Vijay's carrer.

Ghilli changed him to an electrifying mass hero and Thupakki will definetly do more than that in a different genre.

Its a perfect Treat for Vijay fans..There are totally 2 mass songs in the film, one will b t opening song and other one at the end

Poster 's will be releasing on MAY 1 and you will know what is inside in THUPPAKI..

Two dynamic poster's have been made..

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vijay's Latest Interview About Nanban

Vijay is cool and composed as usual. TheIlayathalapathy of Tamil cinema is on cloud nine as Nanban released for Pongal is running to packed houses and the film has taken a gargantuan opening at the ticket windows. His fans have accepted the film and audience worldwide say that the remake from 3 Idiots, a cult classic was indeed an image-make over for the star. But Vijay begs to differ with this observation.

Nanban took the biggest-ever first-day opening.

Are you happy about the response that Nanban has been receiving?

I am pleased (smiled) that everyone likes the film.  It is the victory of the script. 

They say Nanban is a faithful remake and that’s why it worked. Was it a conscious effort to stick to the original?

Yes, initially when I met up with Shankar, he was very clear that we should not tamper with the script. He made a few subtle nativity changes, dialogues, the look and the songs. Rest of it is the same. 

But how were you convinced about doing a remake like this, in which you didn’t have a mass hero image?

( Thinking) I had seen 3 Idiots when it released and loved the film. Never in my wildest dream did I think that I will do the remake. But when Gemini approached me, I was in two minds but soon I heard that Shankar will direct the film and I was sure that it was a risk worth taking.

How was it working with Shankar?

He was a treat to work with. He gave me complete freedom and I realized that having done few dramas earlier, he is an amazing actor himself and that’s why he can enact the right emotion he wants for you.  

Were you influenced by Aamir Khan’s acting in 3 Idiots?

Like I said earlier, I infused my style and body language to the role. But there are certain cute expressions that Aamir did in 3 Idiots which I didn’t want to miss and so I incorporated it in Nanban. 

Are you changing tracks and trying to reinvent your image with Nanban?

I have been doing different kind of films for a long time and it’s surprising that you are making a note of it now.  I have worked on diverse films likeKathalikku Mariyadai, Thullatha Manavum Thullum, Friends or Kaavalan at regular intervals. Somehow this news of me changing tracks with reputed directors like Shankar, Murugadoss and Gautham Menon has been doing the rounds. 

Let me tell you that I always wanted to work in varied scripts but sadly no such scripts came knocking at my doors.  And I was forced to go back and make a minimum guarantee mass film with four action scenes, song ‘n’ dances and viola a film was ready. Films like Nanban has to happen and we can’t plan and go search for it. 

Tell us about the rapport you shared with Jiiva and Srikanth?

 When we started the film, I hardly knew them but by the time the film ended, I got two buddies for life. We bonded well and that shows in the film. They both did their respective roles with conviction and I love the scene when Srikanth confronts his dad. It was very touching. 

All the songs are picturised lavishly. Which is your favourite?

Aska Laska and En Frienda Pola are my favourites. But lot of people likeIrukkaanna choreographed by Farah Khan. 

Heard that your wife Sangeetha hugged you after watching the film?

Yes, she was so happy and even said that it is my career best film.  I went for some promotions after the first show and came back home late but my son was waiting for me. When I stepped out of my car he pulled down his pants and said “Thalaiva you are great” like how Jiiva and Srikanth does in the film. I was so touched and it was the biggest compliment I received.  

" I wish all my fans, friends and well-wishers a Happy Pongal "

Friday, January 13, 2012

Nanban receives tremendous response...!

Nanban, the remake of Aamir Khan's B'town block buster 3 Idiots which was released yesterday has been receiving good audience response, worldwide..

Director Shankar teams up with Vijay for the first time through this film which also stars Jiiva, Srikanth, Sathyaraj, Sathyan, Ileana, Anuya in prominent roles.

The plot which deals with the drawbacks in our educational system has has Harris Jayaraj who has composed foot-tapping numbers..

Watch this perfect entertainer at cinemas near you!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kajal Agarwal Repeating Her White Dress Magic For Thuppakki

Kajal claims that the movies have turned out to be massive hits, whenever she has sported white-dress for her first shots. Giving examples of Telugu blockbuster Magadheera, which was dubbed in Tamil as Maaveeran, and her debut Bollywood movie Singham, Kajal Aggarwal adds that in those films, the 26-year-old had given her introduction sequence wearing white-dress and hopes to continue the same magic for Vijay's Thupakki.

Meanwhile, Kajal Agarwal's wish has been granted by AR Murugadoss. We hear that she has shot her first scene wearing white costume in Thupakki too!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nanban - Tid Bits

Fans who were are eagerly awaiting for the release of Nanban's audio is completely thrilled as the audio of the film was launched in a grand manner yesterday..

The audio was launched at Coimbatore HIT College which was followed by Harris Jayarj's On the Edge Musical Programme.

The film which is the remake of b'wood blockbuster 3 Idiots is directed by Shankar..The film has Vijay, Jiiva, Srikanth, Sathyaraj,Illeana, Anuya and a host of others in prominent roles..

Just as the teaser trailer of the film has created enough buzz among the viewers, the songs scored by Harris Jayaraj is also said to be rocking..